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The Companies That Shaped Liverpool

From huge shipping lines to unique and established companies, this city has been home to some of the most interesting and influential businesses in the world. We take a look at some of the fascinating companies that shaped Liverpool. Bibby Line One of the oldest and successful companies that shaped Liverpool is the Bibby Line. The Bibby Line was founded...

The Reasons Behind the Cunard White Star Line Merger

The reluctant pairing of the two greatest British shipping companies was facilitated by fraud, scandal and the great depression. The Cunard White Star Line merger was necessary yet difficult and spurred on by the great British public. Read all about how the effects of the great depression were the start of the end of the line for both Cunard and...

The Man Behind the Cunard Line: Sir Samuel Cunard

Who would have thought that the founder of an iconic British shipping firm would be a Canadian national, born to a German-American Quaker father and an Irish-American Catholic mother? Samuel Cunard was perhaps the most unexpected person to build the most durable shipping empire in the world. Here we explain and try to understand the man behind the Cunard name...

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